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MIWF 2017Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF)


is the first and only international literary festival held in Eastern Indonesia. The festival is organized by Rumata’ Artspace as an annual program. Since its first edition in 2011, the festival has become the most-anticipated literary event for the locals. 

It is renowned for its relaxed and informal atmosphere as well as its diverse and eclectic program of stimulating, engaging and entertaining conversations. 


 is the main theme of the festival this year that resonates the need of critical and clear voice from civil society amid the “noisy year of politics” in 2018 (simultaneous local elections) and the preparation to elect the new president/vice president and member of parliaments in 2019.




Highlighted Sessions

Special Program
Gedung K2-Saturday, 05 May, 16:00
Museum Kota-Wednesday, 02 May, 13:30
Main Event
UNHAS-Wednesday, 02 May, 10:30
Children's Literature Program
I Lagaligo-Friday, 04 May, 16:00

Highlighted Speakers

Principle Partners

Major Partners