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Poster people


Poster people


We are thrilled to reveal this year’s festival theme: PEOPLE. The artwork is created by Malaysian artist Nadhir Nor and the official poster designed by Nurabdiansyah. 
Here is the artist’s statement: “Grow and wilt. I promise I will be there for you, for us and for this ecosystem we built.” Hanya Memberi (To Only Give) explores the relationship we have with one another, with our community and even with ourselves. Whatever we do and whatever we give out into the world always comes back to us in some ways, pulsating into our veins and roots. Among these messy, almost chaotic system of giving and receiving, we can't deny the beautiful compositions and shapes we all take as we grow and entwines into one another. It is the beauty of growing together, and to always help and lend a hand (and nutrients) without ever expecting anything back and to create a sustainable future.