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She spent her most childhood in Soppeng during the end of 1970s to 1980s, a place where folklore is part of ritual and tradition. She admires her grandfather who generously shared and retold collections of folklore each time of family gathering. From him, she is in touch with stories of horse raider and Shepherd. Rose gained her degree at UIN Alauddin majoring Arabic Literature where she encountered with One Thousand and a night, collections of stories which she found similarities to his grandfather’s stories and life. In 2000, she conducted a research on the narration of Ilagaligo the Episode of Ritumpana Wallenreng. Later in 2005, she got an opportunity to broaden his knowledge on literature in the department of comparative literature in Pennsylvania state University funded by Fulbright. Inspiring by the rise and spring of Islamic Literature, she undertook her doctoral degree in UGM in 2009 by focusing on the negotiation of ideologies in Forum Lingkar Pena’s collection of Islamic novel. So far she has produced several books on Koleksi Epik Dunia (2011) Ringkasan 50 Novel Terbaik Dunia, (2012), Pengantar Teori Sastra (2009).  Now, she is preparing her book on the local people struggle to modern knowledge and practice and their nostalgia to the past and hope for the future.