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When the term of "The Power of Emak-emak" went viral this year, we have witnessed the unprecedented role of women in political campaigns. On the other hand, the anti-feminist women has also stolen our attention and has sparked pros and cons. What is going on with Indonesian women, today? Why the media widely cover such phenomena?

The six selected Emerging Writers 2019 from East Indonesia will share the stage to introduce the new colors of Indonesian Literature, followed by the launch of Dari Timur Vol. 3, a collection of short stories and poetry written by the alumni of MIWF emerging writers offers us personal stories and perspectives with Eastern Indonesia’s rich culture and society as its main aspect.

Many poets are able to make their words alive on page, but are they able to do their writings justice on stage? It is easy to hide ourselves in the books or the poems that we wrote, but to put ourselves in public and pour our hearts out in front of everybody could be terrifying. While self confidence doesn't happen overnight, it's still useful to at least know the basics. This workshop, poets will discoverhow their presence and performance could actually be improved via various straight forward methods.

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